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Available to Gangster
Player damage 80
Block damage Destroys one map placed block in one hit
Rate of fire 100 RPM

1.67 RPS

One hit every 0.6 seconds

Effective range Very close
Other notes Only available in St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack DLC

A Gangster with the Crowbar equipped.

The Crowbar is a melee weapon that can be used by the Gangster class. It has high player and block damage. Any blocks removed by the Crowbar are added to the player's block wallet.

Block Damage

The Crowbar can destroy 1 map block in 1 hit, and 1 player placed block in 3 hits.

Player Damage

The Crowbar deals 80 damage, which causes a two hit kill, but it is rather slow, taking 0.6 seconds to swing. This makes the crowbar the second most powerful melee weapon, doing only slightly less damage per second than the pickaxe.


The Crowbar was added to the game with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack DLC, which was released on February 14th 2013. With the release of the Battle Builder Public Beta on October 2nd 2013, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack and therefore the Crowbar was made available to all players. In Version 165 (Modding Update & More!) the speed of the Crowbar was slightly increased.


In the loading screen for Ace of Spades Battle Builder, there are UGC Builders in the background using crowbars on part of a Map Editor Construct.