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Custom Maps are maps created by players using Ace of Spades' Map Editor.

Custom Maps

Adding Your Map

Players are welcome to create pages for custom maps on the Ace of Spades Wiki. These pages could include content such as the inspiration behind the map, suggested tactics for players, screenshots and more. For an example of a custom map page, take a look at Custom Maps/Example Custom Map.

To keep things organised, when creating a page for a custom map, please make it a subpage of the Custom Maps page - ie. the title should be "Custom Maps/Name of Map".

The form below can be used to create a page quickly:

When adding your map to the table below, please keep it in alphabetical order.

You may find Template:CustomMapInfoBox useful when making your page.

List of Maps

Image Map Name
Big City1.png Big City
Pandemonium Map.png Hell - Island
PostApocalyptiaSS0.png Post Apocalyptia
RocketIsland.png Rocket Island
DragonsDenMap.png Siege of the Dragons Den
Snipercity.png Sniper City
- Sniper Wars
Section of the bedroom.jpeg Supersize_House
YLawnmower.jpeg Supersize Yard
Small map.jpg Survival of the Tree-ist
- Merry X-Mas!