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DeuceBodyBlue.png DeuceBodyGreen.png
Health 100
Melee Classic Spade
Primary Weapons Classic Rifle, Classic SMG, Classic Shotgun
Secondary Weapons None
Equipment Classic Grenade
Block Wallet 25 / 100
Speed Average
Jump Height 2 blocks
Class Type Combat (All)
Class Skills All range combat

"You can do a lot of damage with heavy weaponry, and take a beating to boot. Show the bad guys who's boss!"
- In-game description

The Deuce is a class in Ace of Spades that can be used in the Classic CTF game mode. The Deuce starts out with 25 blocks, and can hold a maximum of 100. The Deuce can jump 1 block high and get over 2 while walking, but cannot walk up hills while sprinting.

Weapons and Equipment

Classic Spade
Digging tool that can be used to tunnel and collect blocks
Primary Weapon
Classic rifle.png
Classic Rifle
Good all-round weapon with high damage and long range, but a relatively slow rate of fire
Classic SMG
High rate of fire, but average range, damage and ammo capacity
Classic Shotgun
Very high damage, but short range
Secondary Weapon None -
Equipment Classic grenade.png

Classic Grenade

High player damage when used effectively, but players start out with only two and can get up to four at the command post


Approximate damage values for the Deuce class. Please note that this image has only approximate damage values as it does not account for range falloff, limb/body damage differences, and shotgun damage per pallet.


Steam Emoticon Description

The Deuce is the classic Ace of Spades character. Some say his poker face is so good, you can only see his eyes.



Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
OpenYourMindUnachieved.jpg OpenYourMind.jpg Open Your Mind
Score 50 headshots with the classic rifle
Only available in Classic CTF mode.
OverYourDeadBodyUnachieved.jpg OverYourDeadBody.jpg Over Your Dead Body
Teabag 10 corpses in classic
Only available in Classic CTF mode.
CourierKillerUnachieved.jpg CourierKiller.jpg Courier Killer
Kill 5 players while carrying the intel in classic
Only available in Classic CTF mode.