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Letterbox diamondmine.png

Diamond Mine, stylised as Diamond Mine!, is a game mode available in Ace of Spades.


A diamond on the ground.
A player carring a diamond.
A diamond drop off point.

Diamonds are hidden in random blocks throughout the level. When players destroy blocks, there is a chance that they will uncover a diamond which will appear on the ground before them. Players must take diamonds to a drop off point (indicated by a glowing box, and shown on the minimap) and throw it on the ground (using the left mouse button), scoring their team one point.

Whilst carrying a diamond, players movement speed will be decreased significantly and they will be unable to fire their weapon, making them an easy target for the opposing team unless they are defended by their team mates. If a player dies whilst carrying a diamond, then it is dropped on the floor and players from either team may pick it up again.

After a diamond has been taken to a drop off point, then the drop off point will move to a different location.

Diamonds can be uncovered from blocks destroyed by any means - be it by digging, weapons or blocks destroyed by falling.


  • DiamondIcon.png Shows the location of a Diamond
  • DiamondDropoff.png Shows the Diamond drop-off point

Custom Matches

The following game mode specific options can be changed in a custom match:

Max. Active Bases

Default: 1

The number of diamond drop off points that are active at a time.

Max. Active Diamonds

Default: 2

The number of uncovered diamonds that can be active at a time. Once the maximum number of active diamonds has been reached, no more diamonds can be uncovered until a diamond is either dropped off or reaches the end of it's lifetime.

Diamond Active Lifetime

Default: 60 seconds

How long a diamond will stay on the floor before disappearing.



At the beginning of a round, player should focus on digging in order to uncover the first diamond. Because of this, using the Miner class with the Super Spade is recommended.

Once a Diamond has been uncovered, players can either continue mining in order to uncover more or switch to a more combat oriented role either defending or attacking the player with the diamond depending on their team. Players may wish to switch to a combat oriented class such as the Commando or Marksman in order to facilitate this.

Camping the drop off point

Both teams may attempt to camp the drop off point in order to intercept any diamonds brought there by the opposing team.

Diamond Throwing

Players can travel quicker with a diamond by throwing it in front of them, running ahead and picking it up, then throwing it again. By repeating this players can travel much quicker than simply moving with the diamond.


If a player is being attacked whilst carrying a diamond, it is often best to drop the diamond, kill the attacking player, and then pick it up again.

Destroying Structures

Diamonds can be uncovered from blocks destroyed when structures such as trees and buildings collapse. This can be an efficient way of destroying large amounts of blocks and uncovering diamonds quickly.


Game Mode Score Types

Action Score
Carry diamond +50 every 5 seconds
Diamond Escort +10 every 5 seconds
Capture +100
Uncover Diamond +10
Diamond Distraction +100
Carrier Defend +100
Diamond Defend +50
Diamond Assault +50
Intercept Carrier +50

Generic Score Types

Action Score
Headshot +150
Melee +150
Kill +100
Assist +50
Death Revenge +50
Payback +50
Reloading Kill +50
Defend +50
Suicide -100

Available Maps

Ranked Match

Custom Match

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
DiamondGeezerUnachieved.jpg DiamondGeezer.jpg Diamond Geezer
Pick up a diamond within 5 seconds of it spawning, and make it to a dropoff point without dropping it
Only available in Diamond Mine mode.
GirlsBestFriendUnachieved.jpg GirlsBestFriend.jpg Girl's Best Friend
Find and drop off 3 diamonds in one match
Only available in Diamond Mine mode.
FeelingFlushUnachieved.jpg FeelingFlush.jpg Feeling Flush
Steal and drop off 5 diamonds found by the enemy team before they pick them up
Only available in Diamond Mine mode.
KingofDiamondsUnachieved.jpg KingOfDiamonds.jpg King of Diamonds
Intercept 10 diamonds carried by the enemy team and make it to a dropoff point
Only available in Diamond Mine mode.