Double Barrel Shotgun

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Double Barrel Shotgun
Available to Miner, Medic
Player damage Very high
Block damage High

Destroys four map blocks in one hit
Destroys two player placed blocks in one hit

Rate of fire 60 RPM (30-60 with reloading)

1 RPS (0.5-1 with reloading)

One shot every 1 seconds (1-2 second average)

Effective range Extremely close (< 20 blocks)
Spread 0.05-0.1

Firing once will max out the spread

The spread will go down 0.0032 per second

Sight 2x
Reload type Individual
Reload time 1 second
Ammunition capacity 14 rounds

2 per magazine

Recoil 0.25V, 0.001H
Other notes Fires 10 bullets per round
Double Barrel Shotgun
Very high damage
Very high speed
Very low range
Very low accuracy

The Double Barrel Shotgun is a weapon available to the Miner and Medic classes in the primary weapon slot.

A view down the sights of the double barrel shotgun.

The double-barrel shotgun shoots 12 bullets simultaneously, which spread outwards in a cone. This scattershot feature makes the double barrel shotgun deadly at very close range, where it can kill most classes in one or two hits, but near useless at mid or long range.

Compared with the pump-action shotgun, the double barrel shotgun has higher damage, but a lower range, larger spread and lower ammunition capacity.

Block Destruction

On default settings and at close range, the double barrel shotgun can destroy four map placed blocks in one hit, and two player placed blocks in one hit.

Player Damage

At close range, the Double Barrel Shotgun can usually one hit kill all classes. Here is a table of information provided in the game's constants corresponding to the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Entity Part Damage per bullet Damage per round
Player Torso 40 400
Player Head 50 500
Player Legs 50 500
Player Arms 50 500
Block 2.5 25

Note that the double barrel shotgun fires 10 bullets per round.


LMB Fire
RMB Sights
3 Select weapon


Due to it's extremely short range, it is not recommended to take on other classes at a distance with the double barrel shotgun, as you will likely be killed before you can get into range. Instead, you should try to get up close and personal where you can kill most classes in one or two hits.

A good tactic to employ is to ambush other players by remaining in corners or against walls and killing them as they move past. Alternatively, the miner can make an ambush location by digging through a wall(using, for example, the Drill Cannon) and then follow this attack up with the Double Barrel Shotgun to take advantage of the confusion and disarray the other team wil be faced with.

This weapon works equally well in defensive and offensive situations, especailly in repelling tunnellers and players attempting to build 'ladders', or defending base foundations against miners from the other team.

Like the pump action shotgun, the reload time of the double barrel shotgun can be skipped by reloading right after firing, but this is harder to do because the player has to reload right after firing or they will have their fire rate slowed.


The double barrel shotgun was added to Ace of Spades in built 218, which was released on January 24th 2013.

See Also

Pump-Action Shotgun


  • Extremely high damage. The damage this gun deals is far more than any other weapon in the game. It is more than triple the minigun's DPS.
  • Extremely good at close range due to high spread and fire rate.


  • Lacks versatility. The shotgun has absurd falloff and spread, so it isn't useful if your opponent is at a distance.
  • High recoil makes it hard to hit if you miss your first shot.