Drill Cannon

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Drill Cannon
Available to Miner
Player damage Head: ~150

Torso: 167

Limb: ~120

Block damage Destroys 300 - 450 blocks
Rate of fire 15 RPM

0.25 RPS

One shot every 4 seconds

Effective range Close
Spread 0V, 0H
Sight 2x

When using the sight a green ring appears around the screen, lowering the field of view.

Reload time 4 seconds, including delay
Ammunition capacity 1/3
Recoil Very high

An old version of the Drill Cannon, showing a slightly different texture.

The Drill Cannon is a weapon available to the Miner class in the secondary weapon slot. It is the only secondary weapon available to the Miner.

The Drill Cannon fires a drill which causes massive block damage, and explodes after a short distance. The Drill Cannon is often used to quickly create tunnels, or cause damage to structures, making it useful in the Demolition game mode.

The Drill Cannon is not often used as a weapon as it is hard to aim, has a slow reload speed, and a small ammunition capacity. It is occasionally used to attack players who are out of range of the Miners shotgun, as it can go much farther distances if you know how to aim with it. It is extremely difficult to land the hit, but causes high damage if you do so.

Drill Cannon
Auto-digs tunnels
Low ammo
Ammo only found in crates


LMB Fire
RMB Scope
4 Select weapon

Map Editor

The Drill Cannon is also available in the Map Editor, where it has slightly different controls.

Map Editor

LMB Fire
RMB Scope
3 Select weapon

Block Destruction

The Drill Cannon can destroy several hundred blocks per hit.


The Drill Cannon can be used to improvise tunnels quickly in an emergency. It makes much rougher tunnels than the Super Spade, and it's reload time means it does so slowly, but one shot will make a tunnel very quickly. The Drill Cannon is very useful for destroying enemy bases, as it causes very high damage to the bases very quickly, with the added benefit of taking out any enemy player in the way.

In terms of combat, the drill cannon can be useful for a guaranteed one hit kill if you come up behind an enemy and it can be deadly if enemies are hiding in a base, but normally it is much harder to aim with than the shotguns and therefore is not usually worth it.


  • In the Ace of Spades game files, the Drill Cannon is referred to as the 'Drillgun'.
  • The Drill Cannon is one of three weapons in the game that does more damage to the chest then it does to the head, the other two being the RPG and the Triple Barrel RPG
  • The Drill Cannon only has 2 of its 3 reserve round refilled by an ammo crate.


  • Extremely lethal to anything it hits, so it can actually be a good weapon.
  • Destroys massive amounts of blocks easily.


  • Extremely slow reload means that if you miss with it when attempting to use it as a weapon, you won't be getting a second shot in.
  • Very slow movement speed and high gravity effect make this weapon difficult to use.


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
AllYourBase.jpg All Your Base
Destroy 1000 blocks of enemy bases in demolition mode using the drill gun
Only available to the Miner class.