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EngineerBodyBlue.png EngineerBodyGreen.png
Health 85
Melee Pickaxe
Primary Weapons SMG
Secondary Weapons Rocket Turret, Block Cannon, Mine Launcher
Equipment Engineer Jetpack, Disguise
Block Wallet 2000/3000
Speed Slow/Average
Jump Height 2 blocks, 60 with Engineer Jetpack
Class Type Supportive (Defensive)
Class Skills Point Defence

Mid Range Light Damage (Good for driving back players, but not for kills)


Take to the skies! Use your jetpack to find places other classes can't reach - but be careful how exposed you are when you land!

The Engineer is a class in Ace of Spades. The Engineer was added in version 1.0 and is generally used as a support class.

Weapons and Equipment



Digging tool that can also be used as a melee weapon. Removes a single map placed block in one hit and player placed block in two hits.
Primary Weapon


High rate of fire but relatively low damage. Useful at short, and with the use of the sights, medium range. Small clip size.
Secondary Weapon

Rocket Turret

Placed on the ground, firing automatically when enemies come into range.

Block Cannon

Uses blocks from the players block wallet as ammunition, which land on the ground if they hit another player. Useful for building bridges, but a poor weapon.

Mine Launcher

Fires projectile Landmines, which will bounce of walls until they land, but cannot damage players directly. Requires the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack in order to equip.

Engineer Jetpack

Allows players to fly upwards slowly.


Allows players to disguise themselves as blocks.


Like all the main classes, the Engineer can choose three Constructs. The Engineer has the most construct to choose from of any class.

Construct Notes

Flare Block

Produces light. Not commonly used, but can be used to light tunnels or mark points of interest.
Prefab caltrop.png


Can be used to build stairs or bridges.
Prefab supertower.png

Super Tower

Can be used to keep off the ground where the Engineer is vulnerable.
Prefab ultrabarrier.png

Ultra Barrier

Prefab platform.png


Can be used to create bridges between structures.
Prefab superminibunker.png

Super Mini-Bunker

Prefab superdome.png

Super Dome

Very large prefab that can be used to quickly reinforce a base or hill.
Prefab fort wall.png

Fort Wall

Can be used to provide cover from enemy fire.
Prefab superbridge.png

Super Bridge

Can be used to make a protective bridge to bridge gaps.
Prefab superpole.png

Super Pole



The Engineer is weak when used as a purely offensive class, as it's SMG is outclassed compared to the weapons available to other classes. Instead, the Engineer can be used in a support role, building defences and fortifications for his team.

With access to the Engineer Jetpack, the Engineer can reach high locations such as building tops with relative ease. This allows players to reach useful vantage points, or ambush players. Players should ensure they have enough fuel to reach their desired location, so they don't run out of fuel when flying upwards and die from the fall damage.

The Engineer is especially useful in the Demolition Game Mode. It's large block wallet allows players to repair their base quickly, whilst the Engineer Jetpack means they can access hard to reach areas of the base to repair them.


The Engineer match-ups article contains strategies for dealing with other classes as an Engineer.


Approximate damage values for the Engineer class. Please note that this image has only approximate damage values as it does not account for range falloff, limb/body damage differences, and shotgun damage per pallet.



"Death from above."
"No guts, no glory."
"Look out below"
"Up and away."
"Take to the skies."

Unused Quotes

The Engineer has one quote which is found in the game files, but currently not used in-game.

"Get outta my sky."

Steam Trading Card Description


Catch him if you can! While his jet-pack gives the Engineer unsurpassed maneuverability, he can also utilise his Rocket Turret which takes out any unsuspecting enemies.


  • The Engineer class was added in Build 3067, replacing the Rocketeer class.
  • The Engineer still says the same quotes as the Rocketeer.
  • The Ace of Spades Engineer Trading Card has a picture of a Rocketeer, instead of an Engineer, as seen to the left.


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
TakeYourPickUnachieved.jpg TakeYourPick.jpg Take Your Pick
Kill 10 enemies with the pickaxe
Only available in the Engineer and Marksman classes.
RocketManUnachieved.jpg RocketMan.jpg Rocket Man
Kill 20 enemies while using the jetpack
Only available in the Engineer class.
JetFighterUnachieved.jpg Jet Fighter.jpg Jet Fighter
Kill an enemy while he uses a jetpack
Only available in the Engineer class.
JetpackDrivebyUnachieved.jpg JetpackDriveBy.jpg Jetpack Drive-by
Kill 10 enemies with the SMG while using the jetpack
Only available in the Engineer class.
TurretSyndromeUnachieved.jpg TurretSyndrome.jpg Turret Syndrome
Kill 10 enemies with 1 turret
Only available in the Engineer class.