Engineer Jetpack

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Engineer Jetpack
Available to Engineer
Other notes Moves players upwards, cancels fall damage.

The Engineer Jetpack is available to the Engineer class in the equipment slot. It is intended to aid in construction by moving players up slowly when they hold down the jump key (default Space).

The jetpack's fuel supply lasts for a little over 5 seconds of continuous flight. Flying in bursts will increase the speed fuel is consumed because starting the jetpack consumes about a 10th of your fuel. Once depleted any amount, the fuel will start recharging once the player lands. The fuel can still recharge if the player jumps, but if they use the jetpack again it won't recharge until they land. The fuel takes much longer to recharge than it does to consume. It takes about 33 seconds to fully recharge the fuel. The fuel can also be recharged by picking up an ammo crate.

Using the jetpack will reset fall damage to 0.

Engineer Jetpack
Slow burn rate
Climbs high
Low speed
Limited travel distance


Space (hold) Fly Upwards
Shift Fly Faster


  • The Engineer Jetpack uses the sprite and model from the removed Jump Jetpack.
  • It also functions similarly to the Jump Jetpack, but at much slower movement, recharge, and fuel consumption speeds.


  • Large amount of fuel.
  • Flight is very useful for mobility.


  • Slow, loud and highly visible. Hard to use for evasion. This is made worse by the fact that it loses fuel when you are shot.
  • Very slow recharge rate.
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