Flare Block

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Flare Block
Available To Commando, Marksman, Engineer, Miner
Block Usage 10

A tunnel being lit by several Flare Blocks.
Flare Blocks can emit light through blocks.

The Flare Block is a construct available to the Commando, Marksman, Engineer and Miner. When placed, the Flare Block produces light which illuminates the surrounding area. The light emitted by Flare Blocks pass through blocks, allowing light with no visible source.


The Flare Block is not commonly used by players, as the light produced gives little advantage and it takes up a slot that could be used by more useful prefabs.

It is occasionally used to light up tunnels, to mark tunnel entrances, or in dark maps such as Spooky Mansion.




  • The Flare Block is the only prefab which places a single block.