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Available to Commando
Player damage High
Block damage High
Rate of fire Once every 0.5 Seconds.
Effective range Medium
Ammunition capacity The player starts with 2 grenades, but can carry up to 4.

The Grenade is a weapon available to the Commando class in the equipment slot.

Block Damage

Grenades deal a high amount of damage to blocks, and they can destroy nearby blocks at full health.

Player Damage

The Grenade will most likely kill all classes as long as they are very near it when it explodes. It does not have as great a lethal range as the antipersonnel grenade, but there's only a small difference.

Shrapnel Damage
Entity Part Damage
Player Torso 50
Player Head 50
Player Legs 50
Player Arms 50


High player damage
High block damage
Low ammo

Grenades are not frequently used by players, but if used correctly they can be very powerful.

The Grenade differs from the Antipersonnel Grenade in that it has a slightly smaller lethal range because of it's slightly lower damage, and that it does a large amount of damage to blocks. This might sound useless, but it can be useful to destroy an enemy base instead of just clearing it out, and a grenade tends to leave a big hole which wrecks any advantage the base provided.

If there is an enemy bunker that your team has to repeatedly clear out, throwing in a couple grenades will probably kill most of the people inside or injure them and will leave big holes in the bunker, making it much easier for your team to shoot enemies in the bunker.

The grenades are especially useful on the multi-hill mode because an enemy-occupied base can be very susceptible to grenade attacks.


In Version 165 (Modding Update & More!) released on September 2nd 2014, the Grenade's block damage was increased.



  • Very high damage. Kills anyone in its blast radius.
  • Large blast radius.
  • Can be used to damage bases.


  • Its long fuse and visibility means enemies will often be able to escape before it explodes.

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