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The Hurt + Heal DLC Pack is a DLC pack for Ace of Spades released on the 8th of December, 2015. It is available for £5.58 GBP on the Steam Store.



Image Name Description
Medic - Blue.png Medic Heal up yourself and your team with a powerful Med Pack. Don't make the mistake of thinking the Medic is an unarmed nurse though - this battlefield doctor knows how to soldier their way out of trouble with a high-fire-rate LMG and tough Riot Shield to absorb damage.
Specialist - Blue.png Specialist A run-and-gun mercenary with a shady past, this contract killer is not to be messed with. Get in quick, eliminate the enemy then get out even quicker. The Specialist's Fully Automatic Shotgun is the opposite of stealthy, and his Grenade Launcher really brings the thunder. Sticky Grenades and Chemical Bombs complete this highly toxic weapons arsenal.


Image Name Slot Available to
AutoPistol.png Automatic Pistol Secondary Marksman, Specialist
AutoShotgun.png Auto-Shotgun Primary Specialist
AssaultRifle.png Assault Rifle Primary Commando
Blocksucker.png Blocksucker Secondary Miner
Chemicalbomb.png Chemical Bomb Equipment Specialist
Grenadelauncher.png Grenade Launcher Secondary Specialist
LightMachineGun.png Light Machine Gun Primary Medic
Machete.png Machete Melee Specialist
Medpack.png Med Pack Equipment Medic
Minelauncher.png Mine Launcher Secondary Engineer
Riotshield.png Riot Shield Secondary Medic
Riotstick.png Riot Stick Melee Medic
Stickygrenade.png Sticky Grenade Equipment Specialist
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