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Jagex Games Studio, normally referred to as Jagex, is an independent games developer and publisher based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The company's name stands for Just About the Gaming EXperience, and previously stood for JAva Gaming EXperts, since their most popular game is written in Java.

Involvement in Ace of Spades

Company History

In December 2001 Andrew, Paul and Constant got together and founded Jagex Ltd as a commercial operation to take over the running of RuneScape, underlying technologies and other games developed by Andrew. RuneScape had already by then become a game which had had over 1 million accounts created over 2001!

The three founders set out with two immediate tasks: firstly, to make the operation of RuneScape commercially viable, establishing long term advertising sales relationships, and secondly, to develop a premium version of the game for subscription-paying members.

Both of these tasks were achieved soon after, and on 27th February 2002 Jagex launched RuneScape Members version. In the first week after launch over 5000 people subscribed, making RuneScape instantly one of the largest pay-to-play Java games in the world.

Since that date RuneScape has gone from strength to strength: expanding as both a game - with regular updates giving new storylines, quests and maps produced by the content development team - and as an ever-growing community of sociable online gamers.

Aside from RuneScape, Jagex also takes part in many other games, including (but not limited to) Ace of Spades.


Jagex Ltd is an independent developer and publisher of online games. They are headquartered in Cambridge, England. With 3 offices - 2 in Cambridge and 1 in London - Jagex has around 450 employees. Jagex is a well-received company, ranking 59th on the Sunday Times' 100 Best Companies in the UK to Work For list for 2007, having been unranked for 2006. However, this slipped to number 87 in 2008.

With that, Jagex is constantly growing and expanding their boundaries. Jagex is constantly looking for bright, new people to join their team and help develop the world-renowned games they have created.


You can contact Jagex through their email at aceofspades@jagex.com


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