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Land mine.png
Available to Marksman
Player damage Very high
Block damage Very high
Ammunition capacity 5 rounds

Spawns with 3

Other notes Can be triggered by anyone

A Landmine placed on the ground.

The Landmine is a weapon available to the Marksman class in the equipment slot.

It is placed on the ground, and will explode causing damage when players walk on or near it. Players who walk on their own landmines will take damage, but less than an enemy player would. If a teammate steps on a landmine placed by their own team, they will not take damage from the landmine itself, but will be launched into the air and will take fall damage if they fall far enough.

Players can bury landmines by placing a block on the same space as one. They can be buried up to two blocks deep, but burying them two blocks deep will reduce their damage.


Landmines are an extremely effective trap when buried, even more when the block they are buried in matches the surroundings. Placing and burying landmines on enemy pathways like staircases or bridges can cause many to walk over them, most likely killing them, as well as destroying part of whatever you placed them in.

Because landmines do not always have enough damage to take out zombies or even commandos, a good tactic can be to bury several in one area, so that they will all blow up and give a higher chance of lethal damage. Burying landmines more than one block underground will usually decrease the damage they do.

A tactic involving the landmine dubbed by the user TntMatthew "The Ceiling Pressure Bomb" allows trapping floors from below rather than above. The details and a how-to video can be found in this thread in the Ace of Spades forums. Note that this tactic requires burying the mine more than one block underground, meaning the damage it causes will usually be very low. It's main use is that it will also knock the enemy through the floor, meaning that you can kill them in their surprise or make sure they fall far enough to finish them off.

Land mine.png
High damage
Can be hidden
Low ammo
Set off by anyone


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
LandmineCraft.jpg Landmine Craft
Kill 5 players with landmines placed on the ground and re-buried
Only achievable with the Marksman class.


  • Very high player damage. Usually instantly kills anyone who steps on it.
  • Can be hidden by burying it, meaning enemies will have no way of detecting it.


  • Can be set off by your allies as well, so it is important that you alert them of its position.