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Map Editor
Objective Making maps to play in Custom Matches
Other notes This is the only mode where there isn't any combat

The Map Editor is a map making feature built into Ace of Spades. It allows the player to create their own maps, and play them through Custom Matches.

Setting Up the Map Editor

Beta Installation

As of October 2nd, 2013, the Map Editor build (dubbed "Battle Builder") is in Open Beta and is an automatic update.

Loading up the Map Editor

To start working, click the new Map Creator button. You can then choose to create a map, publish a finished one, or subscribe to one on the Steam Workshop.

To load up the Map editor, we're going to need to create a new map. Click the Create Map button. You will be brought to a lobby browser, where you can browse Map Editor Lobbies. Click New Lobby to start on your own map!

Now, you can change the settings of the lobby to what you want.

  • Privacy: The privacy of the lobby. Can be set to Open, Friends Only or Invite Only.
  • Map: Here, you can chose to start off a baseplate or continue work on a saved map.
  • Construct Set: These modify the available constructs in the Construct Library (more info on that later).
  • Game Mode: The mode you will use to make the map. You can also change the game mode in-game.

Once you got the settings to your liking, you can click Start Game and hopefully get into a server. It will start off from the baseplate you chose (if you chose to use one) or a map you already saved.

Then, have fun making your map!


Name Image
Water Waterbaseplatepng.png
Urban Urbanbaseplatepng.png
Snowy Snowybaseplate.png
Mountain Mountainbaseplate.png
Marsh Marshbaseplate.png
Lunar Lunarbaseplate.png
Grassland Grasslandbaseplate.png
Desert Desertbaseplatepng.png
Temple Templebaseplate.png

Mapping Controls

Action Key
Additional Map Settings X
Save F10
Hover with Jetpack Z
Carve Construct Shape C
Construct Library Comma
Game Data Library Period
Remove Game Data Left Click
Change Size/Type of Game Data Right Click
Select Colour from Pallet Arrow Keys

Mapping Tools and Inventory

The player has 5 tool slots and 5 construct slots in the Map Editor.

Image Name Key Notes
BlockTool.png Block Tool 1 Single block placement
Superspade.png Super Spade 2 LMB digs one block, RMB digs 18 blocks
Drillgun.png Drill Cannon 3 Automatically digs a tunnel, RMB zooms for more accuracy
BlockCannon.png Block Cannon 4 Rapid construction, RMB zooms for more accuracy
Paintbrush.png Paintbrush 5 LMB paints a single block, RMB paints several blocks
GlideJetpack.png Hover Jetpack N/A Jetpack which hovers with Z
BlueprintBlock.png Construct 1 6 Construct or Game Data
BlueprintBlock.png Construct 2 7 Construct or Game Data
BlueprintBlock.png Construct 3 8 Construct or Game Data
BlueprintBlock.png Construct 4 9 Construct or Game Data
BlueprintBlock.png Construct 5 0 Construct or Game Data

Unused Items

The following items are found in the game files, but aren't seen in the game.

Image Filename Notes
Pickaxe.png ugc_pickaxe.png Potential earlier version of the Super Spade
TripleBarrelRPG.png ugc_rpg2.png Potential tool to rocket jump before realization that is was not needed with the Hover Jetpack
MapEditorPrefab.png ugc_prefab.png Unknown
BlueprintBlock.png ugc_tool.png Unknown

Construct Library

The Construct Library is where you will find the Constructs in the Map Editor.

Constructs are divided into several sections:

  • Landscape: Constructs to help shape your map's landscape
  • Buildings and Walls: Mostly things you can walk inside and move around in
  • Nature: Trees, shrubs, plants
  • Props: Multiple things, often ornamental
  • Signs and Banners: Flags, banners, billboards
  • Road, Rail, Bridges: Roads, Rails and Bridges

Game Data Library

The Game Data Library is where you will find bases, spawn areas, crates and other game data.

  • Bases:* Multi-Hill hill spawns, Territory Control territory spawns, Green and Blue bases, Occupation Bomb Spawn Points, etc.
  • Spawns: Green Team and Blue Team Spawns
  • Crate Drops: Health Crate, Block Crate, and Ammo Crate spawn points

Additional Map Settings

By pressing X, the player can bring up additional map settings. They are:

  • Skydome: Change the sky of the map to any one of the existing map's
  • Water Colour: Colour of the water (bottom of map)
  • Game Mode: What game mode the map is made for.
  • Set Preview Image: Set the image of the map which appears on the loading screen.

Mapping Guide

Supporting Multiple Game Modes

Your map can support multiple game modes. To do this, you can finish on one mode, then switch to another game mode, finish it for that one, and repeat. With this, you could make a map which supports Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Occupation, and VIP.

Setting Preview Image

To set the preview image, bring up the Additional Settings with X, and scroll down till you see "Set Preview Image", and click the "Set" button. You will then be allowed to set the map's preview image. The controls are as follows:

Action Key
Set View as Preview Image Left Click
Set Preview Image to Overhead View Right Click

Using Maps without Steam Workshop

It is possible to download and use Ace of Spades Maps without using the Steam Workshop. View this page for information on how to do so.

Third Party Software

There are various third party programs available that can be of use when creating Ace of Spades maps.


The Dragon Island Map in Qubicle.
Qubicle is a powerful yet easy to use voxel modelling program created by Minddesk. More information...


Blockman2D is a set of tools that can be used to create Ace of Spades maps. It includes a model editor, height map editor, map painter and map generator. More information...

Heightmap Generator by MarisaKirisame

MarisaKirisame has created a heightmap generator tool that can be used to create Ace of Spades maps from a heightmap and colourmap. This is useful for creating Classic style maps, or generating a land surface that further detail can be added to. More information...