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MarksmanBlueBody.png MarksmanGreenBody.png
Health 70
Melee Pickaxe, Combat Knife
Primary Weapons Bolt-Action Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifle
Secondary Weapons Pistol, Automatic Pistol
Equipment Landmine, Radar Station
Block Wallet 400 / 1000
Speed Above Average
Jump Height 4 blocks
Class Type Combat (Defensive)
Class Skills Long range combat


Point Defence

"Move faster and jump higher than any other class - but your ammo is low and your health is limited so don't stop moving!"

In-game description

The Marksman is a class in Ace of Spades. The Marksman specialises in long range attacks, as he can chose between a bolt-action or semi-automatic sniper rifle for his primary.

The Marksman is typically used as a defensive class, due to having low power at close range compared to the Commando, and because of the range advantage.

Weapons and Equipment



Digging tool that can also be used as a melee weapon. Removes a single map placed block in one hit and player placed block in two hits.

Combat Knife

Close range melee weapon with high speed and high player damage, but ineffective as a digging tool.
Primary Weapon

Bolt-Action Rifle

Good long range weapon with a high magnification scope and high damage. Players need to make their shots count due to the long reload time.

Semi-Auto Rifle

Lower damage and scope magnification than the Bolt-Action Rifle, but with a higher rate of fire. Generally said to be easier to use than the Bolt-Action Rifle.
Secondary Weapon


Average rate of fire, damage and accuracy. More effective at close range than the rifles available to the Marksman.

Automatic Pistol

Less accurate than the normal Pistol, but has a much higher rate of fire. Requires the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack in order to equip.
Land mine.png


Placed on the ground, will explode and cause damage when players walk on or near it. Good for preventing movement through choke points such as bridges, but can be set off by team mates.
Radar station.png

Radar Station

Placed on the ground. Shows enemy players in a large radius on the map. Explodes after 45 seconds, when another one is placed by the same player, or when shot enough times.


Like all the main classes, the Marksman can choose three Constructs.

Construct Notes

Flare Block

Produces light. Not commonly used, but can be used to light tunnels or mark points of interest.
Prefab supertower.png

Super Tower

Can be used to gain a higher vantage point to climb from, and to provide some protection from enemy fire. Players can crouch to take cover such as when reloading or when coming under fire.
Prefab superbridge.png

Super Bridge

Can be used to bridge gaps. The walled sides means it provides some protection to those using it.
Prefab superminibunker.png

Super Mini-Bunker

Prefab caltrop.png


Occasionally used to build ladders or bridges, although using the Platform is more efficient for building bridges. The caltrop is more effective at making stairs than most other constructs.


A popular tactic is to camp, usually at a high area (e.g. the 2 bases at spawn on Dragon Island, the tall hills on the edge of the Lunar Base map), however this is detered by the rifle's laser sight.

Another tactic (mostly used by more experienced players), is to go out to the open area, aim for the head of enemies, and quickscope, while not trying to get too close to enemies.

Most of the time you'll want to stay at medium-long range as the low health of 70 can get you screwed at closer ranges. Staying behind cover and "pop shotting" is usually a good stategy, as you should only have your head visible for enough time to shoot, which should cause quite a struggle for attacking enemies to kill you.

Increasing your mouse sensitivity in the options menu of the game can help, as well. Play around with it, and find whatever sensitivity you're most comfortable with.


The Marksman match-ups article contains strategies for dealing with other classes as a Marksman.


Approximate damage values for the Marksman class. Please note that this image has only approximate damage values as it does not account for range falloff, limb/body damage differences, and shotgun damage per pallet.



"Let's split some skulls."
"Let's take 'em down."
"Right between the eyes."
"Ready to deploy."
"Marksman in the field."
"OK, let's take 'em down."

Steam Trading Card Description


The Marksman is an expert in covert operations. A deadly shot with his trademark sniper rifle, the Marksman will spare nobody as his razor sharp accuracy causes mayhem in the enemy’s ranks.

Class Information Video

Marksman class information video.



In Build 3067, the Marksman's mask and camouflage colour was changed from grey to the team colour, however the camouflage and mask colour on the health bar, scoreboard, and select class menus is still grey.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
HatTrickUnachieved.jpg HatTrick.jpg Hat Trick
3 kills with sniper rifle without missing a shot
Only available in Marksman class.
HeadHunterUnachieved.jpg HeadHunter.jpg Head Hunter
25 headshots with the sniper rifle
Only available in Marksman class.
LandmineCraftUnachieved.jpg LandmineCraft.jpg Landmine Craft
Kill 5 players with landmines placed on the ground and re-buried
Only available in Marksman class.
TakeYourPickUnachieved.jpg TakeYourPick.jpg Take Your Pick
Kill 10 enemies with the pickaxe
Only available in the Engineer and Marksman classes.