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Medic - Blue.png Medic - Green.png
Health 100
Melee Pickaxe, Riot Stick
Primary Weapons Light Machine Gun, Double Barrel Shotgun
Secondary Weapons Riot Shield
Equipment Med Pack
Block Wallet 900 / 2000
Speed Slow
Jump Height 3 blocks
Class Type Support
Class Skills Healing

Close Range Combat

Mid Range Combat

The Medic is a class in Ace of Spades. In order to use the Medic, the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack must be purchased.

Weapons and Equipment



Digging tool that can also be used as a melee weapon. Removes a single map placed block in one hit and player placed block in two hits.

Riot Stick

Powerful close-range melee weapon. While the swing rate and block damage is low, it can instantly most classes, with the exception of the Commando.
Primary Weapon

Light Machine Gun

Slow fire rate and high recoil, but has decent player damage, reasonable accuracy and a lot of ammo.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Extremely effective at close range, but is inaccurate at best when used for longer distances and has very low effective range.
Secondary Weapon

Riot Shield

Blocks damage while being held, but reduces sight. Can be used as an ineffective melee weapon.

Med Pack

Placed on the ground and rapidly heals teammates who are standing next to it. Disappears when the block underneath is removed or when a certain amount of time passes.


Like all other classes, the Medic can choose three Constructs.

Construct Notes

Flare Block

Produces light. Not commonly used, but can be used to light tunnels or mark points of interest.
Prefab supersmallwall.png

Super Small Wall

With the addition of a row of blocks at the bottom of a Super Small Wall, players can fire over the top of the wall, and then crouch to take cover when reloading or when under fire.
Prefab ultrabarrier.png

Ultra Barrier

Large prefab that can be used to reinforce a base or hill.
Prefab fort wall.png

Fort Wall

Can be used to provide some cover from enemy fire. Players can fire through the gaps in the wall, and then take cover when reloading or when under fire.
Prefab superbridge.png

Super Bridge

Can be used to make a protective bridge to bridge gaps.


The Medic match-ups article contains strategies for dealing with other classes as a Medic.


"Oh yeah!"
"Time for my kind of justice!"
"I'm locked, and I'm loaded!"


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