Mine Launcher

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Mine Launcher
Available to Engineer
Player damage High (Landmine)
Block damage High (Landmine)
Rate of fire Low
Effective range Average
Spread None
Reload type Clip
Reload time Long
Ammunition capacity 5 rounds, spawn with 3

1 per magazine

Recoil Average
Other notes Cannot damage players directly

Mines can land off-center from the block grid

Green first person view.
A mine flying through the air.
The Mine Launcher is a secondary weapon available to the Engineer. It requires the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack to be purchased in order to equip it. As the name suggests, it allows the player to launch projectile Landmines.

The mines launched be the Mine Launcher act the same as the Marksman's landmines, but they use a different sound upon detonating. The Mine Launcher cannot damage players directly.

If a mine launched from the Mine Launcher lands in water, it will disappear. However, the mine icon will still appear on the minimap. Mines can only land on the floor. Mines that hit a wall or ceiling will bounce off.


The Mine Launcher is useful in situations where a large number of enemies are crowded together, as the chances of one standing on a Mine are high. For example, Mines can be fired into an enemy controlled hill in the Multi-Hill Game Mode.


  • Sometimes, if the block under a mine placed by the Mine Launcher is removed, it will fall and land inside of the block below it, making it impossible to trigger.
Mine Launcher
High damage
Low ammo
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