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Available to Commando
Player damage Head: 30

Torso: 15

Arms: 15

Legs: 15

Block damage High
Rate of fire 200-600 RPM (500 with reloading)

3.33-10 RPS (8.33 with reloading)

One shot every 0.1-0.3 seconds (0.12 second average [not including spin-up])

Effective range Short (<100 blocks)
Spread 0.15-0.3

Every shot increases spread by 0.0008

Spread goes up 0.008 per second (0.0048 with spread reduction)

Spread goes down 0.0032 a second

Reload type Clip
Reload time Average

2 seconds

Ammunition capacity 400 rounds

100 per magazine

Recoil 0.003V, 0.00002H per shot

0.01-0.03V, 0.0000667-0.0002H per second

Other notes 1.33 second spin-up time, 2.67 second spin-down time.

High damage
High ammo
Long spin up time
Low accuracy
Firing the Minigun.
A player with the Minigun equipped.

The Minigun is a weapon available to the Commando class, as a primary weapon. It is the only primary weapon available to the Commando.

The Minigun has an extremely high rate of fire, and high damage. However, it becomes inaccurate at long range, making it difficult to land hits. The accuracy of the Minigun decreases to more shots are fired.

The Minigun takes around a second to 'spin up' - that is, the rate of fire starts off slow, and increases to full speed after around a second. You can spin up the Minigun without firing with the RMB. The Minigun won't fire at all until slightly spun-up, the fire rate increases by 300 RPM per second while spinning, and decreases when not spinning at 150 RPM per second. The Minigun creates noise while spinning, the frequency of which increases and decreases with the fire rate of the gun.

Block Destruction

On default settings, the Minigun can destroy a map placed block in two hits, and a player placed block in four hits.


LMB Fire
RMB Spin up
3 Select weapon


The Minigun is best used at short to medium distance, since the bullet radius opens at larger distances and the gun experiences very steep damage falloff.



  • The Minigun can also be called a chaingun or a gatling gun.
  • The Minigun has unusually high horizontal recoil compared to its vertical recoil.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
RiddleMeThisUnachieved.jpg RiddleMeThis.jpg Riddle Me This
Demolish a structure of 50 blocks or more using the minigun
Only available in the Commando class.


  • Powerful. The minigun has very high damage, and its accuracy means most shots will hit.
  • Capable of taking down hordes of enemies due to its huge clip size.


  • Moderately headshot dependent. Damage is only average without headshots.
  • One of the least versatile weapons in the game, due to its short falloff range, lack of a scope, and spin-up time.