Molotov Cocktail

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Molotov Cocktail
Available to Gangster
Player damage Hit: 25

Burn: 70 over time

Block damage 25-75% of 12-40 map placed blocks
Rate of fire 1 RPS
Effective range Average
Ammunition capacity 3/3

The Molotov Cocktail is a weapon used in the VIP and Territory Control game modes. It is a great way of destroying a large quantity of blocks by burning them for a short period of time. If a player touches an ignited block, they will burst into a ball of fire and lose health until the fire goes out or they die.

Unlike other throw-able objects, Molotov Cocktails have a very large throwing distance.


LMB Throw. Hold for longer to throw further.
5 Select weapon


The Molotov Cocktail was added to the game with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack DLC, which was released on 14th Feb 2013


Many people use the Molotov Cocktail to hinder the enemy's passage in the VIP's building. By throwing the cocktail on a staircase, they can break the staircase quickly.

Because the cocktail breaks blocks quickly, it can be used to get through a wall, but the user has to wait a few seconds for the fire to go out if they don't want to lose 70 health.

The cocktail is very useful as a weapon against the VIP. Against other players, they will usually kill you before the cocktail kills them, but against the VIP it doesn't matter if you die first as long as the VIP dies.

The Molotov Cocktail is the only weapon that can burn players and blocks.


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