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Available to Marksman


Player damage 40
Block damage Medium

Destroys 1 map block in 1 hit Destroys 1 player placed block in 1 hit

Rate of fire 100 RPM

1.667 RPS

One hit every 0.6 seconds.

Effective range Very close
Other notes Small dig radius

A Marksman with the Pickaxe equipped.
The Pickaxe in an early version of Ace of Spades.

The Pickaxe is available to the Marksman, Engineer and Medic classes and is mainly used as a digging tool, although it can also be used as a melee weapon.

The pickaxe can damage blocks up to three blocks away, and damages one block per hit. On default settings, the pickaxe will remove map placed blocks in one hit and player placed blocks in two hits. Any blocks removed using the pickaxe are added to the player's block wallet.

Medium speed
Fairly high damage
Small dig radius

Block Damage

On default settings, the pickaxe can take out map placed blocks in one hit and player placed blocks in two hits.

Player Damage

The Pickaxe deals 40 damage - a two hit kill on the marksman, and a three hit kill on any other class. Five hits are required to kill a Zombie.


LMB Swing
2 Select Pickaxe


In Version 165 (Modding Update & More!), released on September 2nd 2014, the speed, player damage and block damage of the pickaxe was slightly reduced. The Pickaxe was also removed from the Miner's loadout.


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
TakeYourPick.jpg Take Your Pick
Kill 10 enemies with the pickaxe
Only available to the Marksman, Engineer, and Medic classes.