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Available to Marksman
Player damage Average
Block damage High

Destroys one map block in 2 hits

Destroys one player placed block in 3 hits

Rate of fire 150 RPM

2.5 RPS

One shot every 0.4 seconds.

Effective range Medium/Short (<550 blocks)
Spread N/A
Sight 2x
Reload type Clip
Reload time 0.6 seconds
Ammunition capacity 30 rounds, 6 per magazine
Recoil Up: -0.05

Side: 0

The Pistol is a secondary weapon available to the Marksman class. It is a semi-automatic pistol with an orange grip.

With a high rate of fire, average player damage, and a fast reload rate, the Pistol is a reasonable choice when the player is found in a close-range situation.

Block Damage

On default settings, the Pistol can destroy map blocks in two hits and player placed blocks in three.

Player Damage

The pistol deals average player damage.

Entity Part Damage
Player Torso 20
Player Head 45
Player Legs 20
Player Arms 20
Block 3
High fire rate
High accuracy
Low damage
Low range



In Version 165 (Modding Update & More!), the Pistol had it's head damage reduced, shoot interval increased, recoil increased, range reduced and reload speed reduced. It's recoil was also changed from down to up.


  • The Pistol originally had 35 rounds and a 5 shot magazine.
  • The Pistol's reload used to take 1 second.
  • The Pistol seems to be less accurate when crouching.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
FaceOff.jpg Face Off
Kill 5 zombies by shooting them in the face with the pistol
Only available in the Zombie game mode.


  • Good at close range.
  • Decent damage. Not outstanding, but still dangerous.
  • Extremely inconspicuous due to size and tracer colour.
  • Fast reloads mean you will never be hindered in combat by running out of ammo in your clip.


  • Very headshot dependent. The damage is poor anywhere else.
  • High recoil.
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