Pump-Action Shotgun

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Pump-Action Shotgun
Available to Miner
Player damage High
Block damage High

Destroys two map blocks in one hit
Destroys player placed block in two hits

Rate of fire 60 RPM (40-60 with reloading)

1 RPS (0.67-1 with reloading)

One shot every second (1-1.5 second average)

Effective range Very close (<60 blocks)
Spread 0.04-0.08

Firing once will max out the spread

The spread will go down 0.0032 pixels per second

Sight 2x
Reload type Individual
Reload time 0.5 seconds per bullet
Ammunition capacity 30 rounds

5 per magazine

Recoil 0.1V, 0.0002H
Other notes Fires 10 bullets per round

The Pump-Action Shotgun is a weapon available to the Miner class in the primary weapon slot, along with the Double Barrel Shotgun. It appears to be Remington Model 870 shotgun.

A view down the sights of the pump-action shotgun.

The pump-action shotgun shoots several bullets simultaneously, which spread outwards in a fairly narrow cone. This scattershot feature makes the pump-action shotgun deadly at close range, where it can kill most classes in one or two hits. However, it is ineffective at medium range and nearly useless for long range attacks.

The pump-action shotgun is an extremely effective weapon in the zombie gamemode, as zombies have no ranged attack and such must get close to players where the shotgun is most deadly.

Block Destruction

On default settings and at close range, the pump-action shotgun can destroy two map placed blocks in one hit, and a player placed block in two hits.

Player Damage

At close range, the Pump-Action Shotgun can usually one hit kill most classes. The table information below has accurate information regarding entity damage:

Entity Part Damage per bullet Damage per shot
Player Torso 20 200
Player Head 30 300
Player Legs 12 120
Player Arms 12 120
Block 1 10

Note that the shotgun fires 10 bullets with one shot.


LMB Fire
RMB Sights
3 Select weapon


Due to it's extremely short range, it is not recommended to take on other classes at a distance with the pump-action shotgun, as you will likely be killed before you can get into range. Instead, you should try to get up close and personal where you can kill most classes in one or two hits.

A good tactic to employ is to ambush other players by remaining in corners or against walls and killing them as they move past. "Breaching" tactics, where the player destroys a section of a wall or building (using, for example, the Drill Cannon) and charges through with all guns blazing, are also an extremely effective way to use the Pump Action Shotgun; as you can surprise enemies sheltering behind a wall and have enough shots to clear out a whole room.

Because the pump action shotgun has a shorter reload time per bullet than it's fire rate, if the player reloads after every shot while still holding click they can still fire at the same rate and will never have to stop to reload.

Pump-Action Shotgun
High damage
High reload speed
Low range
Low accuracy


  • The Pump-Action Shotgun used to be named simply as the Shotgun. It was renamed in Build 218, which was released on January 24th 2013.

See also


  • Very powerful. Deals damage comparable to that of the Minigun
  • Very effective at close range due to it's spread and fire rate.


  • Relatively steep falloff and spread means that this shotgun has a relatively short effective range.
  • Headshot dependent. Limb damage is poor and body damage is only above average.