Radar Station

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Radar Station
Radar station.png
Available to Marksman
Player damage  ?
Block damage High
Effective range Far
Ammunition capacity 1
Other notes Explodes after 45 seconds, when another one is placed by the same player, or when shot enough times.

A Radar Station on the ground.
Green first person view.
The Radar Station is an equipment item available to the Marksman.

The Radar Station will show enemies players within a certain range on the map. The Radar Station will self-destruct after 45 seconds, after another one by the same Marksman is placed, or when shot enough times. The Radar Station emits a constant beeping noise, allowing enemies to know if one is nearby. If the block a Radar Station is sitting on is destroyed it will fall under the effects of gravity, similar to Intel and unlike items such as the Med Pack.

Radar station.png
Radar Station
Shows enemies on the radar
Low health
Low lifetime
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