Rocket Turret

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Rocket Turret
Available to Engineer
Player damage Moderate
Block damage High
Rate of fire ~120 RPM

~2 RPS

One shot every ~0.5 seconds

Effective range Close
Spread 0 pixels
Ammunition capacity 2/4 rounds for Player

10 rounds per Turret

Other notes 100 Health.

Slow tracking speed. Weak splash damage. Explodes when it runs out of rockets or gets destroyed, doing weak damage to anyone nearby.

The Rocket Turret is a weapon available to the Engineer class in the secondary weapon slot. Turrets have a total of 10 shots in them, and will shoot at an enemy player if they come within sight. Rocket Turrets will explode if it is dealt more than 100 damage, if the block it is sitting on gets destroyed, if the player that placed it places a new one, or if the player that placed it is killed. When it explodes, players nearby take up to around 30 damage, and blocks nearby get damaged or destroyed. The Turret can be used to absorb hits. If a player crouches on the rocket turret, they became harder to shoot because enemy players are likely to hit the turret instead. This is the equivalent of giving the player around 70 more health, because even though the rocket turret has 100 health, it will explode when it is destroyed and cause around 30 damage to the player crouching on it.

Rocket Turret
High damage
Auto fire
Low tracking speed
Collateral damage


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
TurretSyndrome.jpg Turret Syndrome
Kill 10 enemies with 1 turret
Only available to the Engineer class.
CollateralDamage.jpg Collateral Damage
Destroy 100 blocks by evading an enemy turret
Only available to the Engineer class.


  • The Rocket Turret's model is misplaced, appearing to float in front of the Engineer holding it.
    • Additionally, the Rocket Turret's model has a pair of hands on it, making the Engineer look like it has four hands - two in the normal position, and two more floating in front.


  • Great for protecting an area due to its auto targeting. Also serves as a good distraction.
  • High damage.
  • Moderate splash radius and high fire rate make at effective at close range. It never misses on a still target, as well.


  • Slow to target. Can be taken out easily while targeting if not supported.
  • Can damage its placer.
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