Semi-Auto Rifle

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Semi-Auto Rifle
Available to Marksman
Player damage Average
Block damage Average

50% of map block
33% of player placed block

Rate of fire 54.54 RPM

0.91 RPS

One shot every 1.1 seconds

Effective range Very far (10000 blocks)
Sight 3x

Sight reduces spread to 0

Reload time 4 seconds, including delay
Ammunition capacity 15 rounds

5 per magazine

Recoil 0.03V
Other notes Can achieve "penetration" kills

Semi-Auto Rifle
High accuracy
Fast reloads
Low zoom
OK damage

The Semi-Auto Rifle is a weapon available to the Marksman class in the primary weapon slot. It is a grey, semi-automatic sniper rifle. It has a fairly high magnification scope (although lower than that of the Bolt-Action Rifle), and deals average damage.

Players can aim down the scope of the Semi-Auto Rifle using the right mouse button. Unlike it's single-shot counterpart, you can fire multiple shots without leaving the sighted view. Whilst scoping, a laser sight visible to other players is emitted from the Marksman to the location they are aiming at.

A view down the scope of the Semi-Auto Rifle.

Block Destruction

On default settings, the Semi-Auto Rifle will destroy a map block in two hits, and a player placed block in three hits.

Player Damage

The Semi-Auto Rifle is slightly weaker than the Bolt-Action Rifle, taking out Marksmen and Engineers with one shot in the head, but Miners and Commandos require two. The table below provides accurate information regarding player/entity damage.

Entity Part Damage
Player Torso 34
Player Head 85
Player Legs 34
Player Arms 34
Block 3

The Semi-Auto Rifle is able to achieve "penetration" kills - if two enemies are close to each other in a line, when you shoot the one in front, the bullet may go through that player, killing the enemy behind them at the same time.


LMB Fire
RMB Scope
3 Select weapon


Due to the laser sight on the Semi-Auto Rifle, the location of a marksman will be immediately obvious when they are scoping, making them an easy target. Because of this, it is recommended that players using the Semi-Auto Rifle use a 'gun and run' style of gameplay, not staying scoped in or at one location for too long.

The Semi-Auto Rifle is more useful in a defensive or 'camping' situation than the Bolt Action Rifle due to its higher fire rate. If you have the luxury of time on your side (for example, being behind your target where they will not immediately spot the sniper beam), the Semi-Auto can fire off several rounds in a few seconds; making it very useful for suppressing an area or delaying/destroying a small group of opponents at long range.

With average speed, damage and reload time, the Semi-Auto Rifle makes a decent general purpose, long ranged weapon. It suffers markedly at short range however, with a very wide spread and low damage making it hard to attack opponents in a meaningful way. It is more 'forgiving' to inexperienced gamers than the bolt action rifle, and more flexible in its uses, making it the ideal choice for beginner Marksmen.



Prior to build 3067, which was released on May 14th 2013, the Semi-Auto Rifle was known simply as the Rifle. In Version 165, the Semi-Auto Rifle's ammunition was decreased from 25 to 15. It's player damage was also slightly decreased, and it's shoot interval increased.


  • The advantage saying "Fast reloads" is incorrect, as the Semi-Auto Rifle's reload is actually 1 second longer than it's Bolt-Action counterpart.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
TheQuickandtheDead.jpg The Quick and the Dead
Kill 3 enemies in 20 seconds with the semi-auto sniper rifle
Only achievable with the Marksman class.


  • Great range. Effective no matter how far away you are.
  • Good damage. Kills some classes with one headshot.


  • Very low damage if you hit the limbs or Body.
  • Very visible when scoping, so it is hard to remain undetected.
  • Long reload time means that sometimes you may find yourself reloading in combat.