Sticky Grenade

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Sticky Grenade
Available to Specialist
Player damage High
Block damage High
Effective range Middle
Ammunition capacity 4, spawn with 2

Green first person view.
Sticky Grenades stuck to a wall and the floor.
The Sticky Grenade is an equipment item available to the Specialist class.

The Sticky Grenade, as the name implies, is a thrown grenade that will stick to blocks and players. The longer the button is held, the further it will be thrown. Once the Sticky Grenade has stuck to something, it will proceed to count down from 5 seconds before exploding.

If the block or player the Sticky Grenade is attached to is destroyed or killed, it will explode early.

Only 2 Sticky Grenades will be restored upon picking up an Ammo Crate.

Sticky Grenade
Sticks to blocks and players
High damage
Low ammo
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