Super Dome

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Super Dome
Prefab superdome.png
Available To Miner


Block Usage 446

Outline of the Super Dome, showing the solid inner core.
Inside a Super Dome.
Inside a Super Dome.
A very simple base constructed using the Super Dome prefab.

The Super Dome is a construct available to the Miner and Engineer classes, which takes 446 blocks to build. It is a large 9x9x9 cube, with a hollow area inside and a solid core.


The Super Dome is sometimes used to quickly construct bases and structures in the Zombie game mode. Due to it's large size, it can also be used to re-enforce bases in the Demolition game mode.

Players can also convert it into a multi-level bunker.

As the Super Dome is partly hollow, it is possible to trap other players within it, although this can be difficult to do.