Super Mini-Bunker

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Super Mini-Bunker
Prefab superminibunker.png
Available To Marksman, Engineer
Block Usage 68

A bunker made from three Super Mini-Bunkers.
A ladder made from several Super Mini-Bunkers.

The Super Mini-Bunker is a construct available to the Marksman and Engineer classes, which uses 68 blocks to construct. It is a bunker 8 blocks wide and 6 blocks long, unprotected at the back.


The Super Mini-Bunker is not commonly used by players. Players can stand on the step to fire, and then crouch to take cover when reloading or when under fire. This is not a commonly used tactic, however, and players should be aware of attacks from the rear.

Two or more Super Mini-Bunkers can be combined to provide more protection.

Super Mini-Bunkers can also be used to make ladders, however this is extremely rare.