Super Small Wall

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Super Small Wall
Prefab supersmallwall.png
Available To Commando, Engineer
Block Usage 32

The Super Small Wall is a construct available to the Commando and Engineer classes, which takes 32 blocks to construct. It is a wall six blocks wide, and three blocks high in the center and five blocks high at the sides.


The Super Small Wall can be used as a fortifying wall to protect a location such as a base in the Zombie game mode, or a hill in the Multi-Hill game mode. With the addition of a row of blocks at the bottom of a Super Small Wall, players can fire over the top of the wall, and then crouch to take cover when reloading or when under fire.

The Super Small Wall is sometimes used to re-enforce bases in the Demolition game mode. However, it is the smallest prefab available to the Commando, not including the Flare Block, so it is often more efficient to use a larger prefab such as a Super Barrier.