Super Spade

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Super Spade
Available to Miner
Player damage 50
Block damage Incredibly high
Rate of fire 100 RPM

1.67 RPS

One hit every 0.6 seconds

Effective range Very close
Other notes Very large dig radius

A Miner with the Super Spade equipped.

The Super Spade is an extremely effective digging tool, only available to the Miner class. It can also be used as a melee weapon.

The Super Spade can damage blocks up to three blocks away. It damages a cube of blocks three squares high and wide and two squares deep . On default settings, the super spade will remove both map and player placed blocks in one hit. Any blocks removed using the super spade are added to the player's block wallet.

Block Damage

On default settings, the Super Spade can take out map both player placed and map placed blocks in one hit.

Player Damage

The Super Spade deals 60 damage - a two hit kill on any class, but Zombies require four instead.


The Super Spade is mainly useful only for digging. It is extremely useful for digging huge tunnels and taking down enemy bases, because it destroys 27 blocks with one hit. Miners have no strength at long or even mid range, so miners will do much better if they dig tunnels instead of moving out in the open where they will likely be engaged in longer range combat.

In terms of combat, the Super Spade is powerful, but it is almost always better to use the shotgun or drill cannon.

Super Spade
Large dig radius
Slow speed
Low player damage

Map Editor

The Super Spade also appears Map Editor, however it is modified slightly. The speed is drastically increased, and its radius is decreased to 1 block when using LMB, but when using RMB it will destroy the same amount of blocks as in the normal game.


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