Super Tower

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Super Tower
Prefab supertower.png
Available To Marksman, Engineer
Block Usage 120

Aiming out of a Super Tower.
A 'spiral staircase' constructed using the Super Tower and Platform prefabs.

The Super Tower is a construct available to the Marksman and Engineer classes, which takes 120 blocks to construct. It is a tower 12 blocks high with a 4x3 base. The back of the tower contains steps allowing players to climb inside to the top where there is a gap facing forward and to the sides.


The Super Tower is sometimes used by the Marksman class to gain a higher vantage point to climb from, and to provide some protection from enemy fire. Players can crouch to take cover such as when reloading or when coming under fire.

The Engineer can use the Super Tower and Platform prefabs to construct a 'spiral staircase' - useful for reaching high places or when constructing a base.

The Super Tower can be used when constructing bases to place structures on 'stilts'.

The Super Tower is useful for keeping Engineers off the ground where they are most vulnerable, especially when used in conjunction with the Platform prefab.