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Territory Control is a game mode available to all players.

Gameplay and Objective

When players are within a Territory, a border will appear around their screen
A Territory controlled by the green team
The objective of Territory Control is to control as many territories as possible while stopping the enemy team from taking the territories back. Seven territories can be occupied.

Territories are areas within glowing boxes, located across the map. The colour of the box will vary depending on the status of the territory:

  • Green: Territory is controlled by the green team
  • Blue: Territory is controlled by the blue team
  • Grey: Territory is controlled by neither team
  • Orange: Territory is being occupied and changing control

When players are within a territory, a coloured border will appear around the edges of their screen.

Players can control Territories by standing within them. The more of a team's players that are within a Territory, the faster it is converted.

An interface at the side of the screen shows the the status of each territory. As a team takes control of a Territory, the bars will change colour.


The number of Territories controlled by each team is shown at the top of the screen.


If a team takes control of all the territories, then they win the match. If neither team does so, then the team that controls the most Territories at the end of the match wins.


Icons will appear on player's screens pointing towards the Territories, showing ID and status. Like with the boxes, they will change colour depending on their status.

  • TerritoryControlBlueIcon.jpg - Territory controlled by blue
  • GreenIcon.jpg - Territory controlled by green
  • OrangeIcon.jpg - Territory changing control
  • Grayicon.jpg - Territory controlled by neither team

Icons will also appear on the minimap, showing the ID and status of the Territories.

Tc minimap a.png Tc minimap b.png Tc minimap c.png Tc minimap d.png Tc minimap e.png Tc minimap f.png Tc minimap g.png

Custom Matches

The following game mode specific options can be changed in a Custom Match:

Max. Active Bases

Default: 5

The number of bases available to be captured at any one time. Can be 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Capture Rate

Default: 100%

Can be 50%, 100% or 200%.


Game Mode Score Types

Action Score
Controlled Territories +35 every 5 seconds
Contest Hill +25 every 5 seconds
Claim Territory +150
Control Territory +100
Defend Territory +100
Assault Territory +50

Generic Score Types

Action Score
Headshot +150
Melee +150
Kill +100
Assist +50
Death Revenge +50
Payback +50
Reloading Kill +50
Defend +50
Suicide -100

Available Maps

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