Tommy Gun

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Tommy Gun
Available to Gangster
Player damage 35 headshots, 30 body and limb shots.


Block damage Average

Destroys one map block in five hits
Destroys one player placed block in nine hits

Rate of fire 500 RPM (391.304 with reloading)

8.333 RPS ( with reloading)

One shot every 0.12 seconds (0.187 second average)

Effective range <500 blocks
Spread 0.01-0.05

Spread goes up 0.0008 per shot.

Spread goes up 0.00667 per second (0.00347 with spread reduction)

Spread goes down 0.0032 per second.

Sight 2x
Reload type Clip
Reload time 2 seconds
Ammunition capacity 150 rounds

30 per magazine

Recoil 0.01V, 0H per shot.

0.833V, 0H per second.

The Tommy Gun is the primary weapon available to to Gangster class in the VIP and Territory Control game modes. It is, as the name suggests, a Thompson submachine gun. It has a high fire rate (although lower than that of the SMG) and very good player damage. It is roughly twice as accurate as the SMG, and the lower fire rate means that it is easy to keep the spread from getting too high. It is arguably the best machine gun in Ace of Spades, doing about as much DPS as the minigun at full spin, having more ammo than the SMG (which is also used more slowly due to the weapon's lower RPM), and being more accurate than either of them. However, the reload time is very long.

The Tommy Gun has a very high spread cap (0.05), but it might as well have 1.0 as its cap because the low fire rate, clip size, reload, and spread reduction make it almost impossible to reach anywhere near the maximum spread. After draining a full clip and then reloading, the spread will only be at 0.01608. You would need to stand on an ammo crate and repeatedly drain your clip for a very long time to reach the maximum spread.

A view down the sights of the Tommy Gun


The Tommy Gun was added to the game with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack DLC, which was released on 14th Feb 2013


  • Versatile. The weapons very high range and manageable spread increase even when fired for a long period of time make it effective at a distance and its spread and fire rate make it effective at close range.
  • Powerful. The damage this weapon deals is very high for such a versatile gun.


  • The long and frequent reloads mean that it is all too common to run out of ammo in the middle of combat.
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