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Tools are items in Ace of Spades. Tools are usually only available in the Map Editor, but some tools appear in the regular game with slight differences.

Item Image Slot Notes
Block Tool
1 Allows placing of single blocks. Appears as an item in the regular game for all classes except the Zombie.
Super Spade
2 Slightly modified from the normal game version of the Super Spade. Very high speed, and removes a single block per hit when using LMB, or multiple blocks when using RMB.
Drill Cannon
3 Launches a large drill which can destroy many blocks to create trenches or realistic looking tunnels. Appears for the Miner in the regular game with the ability to kill.
Block Cannon
4 Launches a snowball-like projectile which creates a single block upon contact. Appears for the Engineer in the regular game with the ability to kill.
Hover Jetpack
No Slot Allows players to fly upwards at high speeds and hover.
5 Paints blocks a different colour.
6-10 Places a prefabricated structure. Appears for all classes in the regular game with more basic designs.
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