Triple Barrel RPG

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Triple Barrel RPG
Available to Commando
Player damage 40
Block damage Very High

Destroys several map blocks in two hits
Destroys several player placed blocks in three hits

Rate of fire 120 RPM (34.29 with reloading, 60 with reloading between shots)

1.33 RPS (0.57 with reloading, 1 with reloading between shots)

One shot every 0.75 seconds (1.75 second average, 1 with reloading between shots)

Effective range Very close
Spread N/A
Sight 2x

When using the sight there is a red ring around the screen, lowering the field of view

Reload type Individual
Reload time 1 second per rocket
Ammunition capacity 6 rounds

3 per magazine

Recoil Moderate
Other notes Rocket is very visible

Can be used for rocket jumps

Does high knockback

Does splash damage

Rockets are lightly affected by gravity

Rockets have high flight speed

The Triple Barrel RPG is a weapon available to the Commando class in the secondary weapon slot, along with the RPG.

A view down the sights of the Triple Barrel RPG.

The Triple Barrel RPG is a useful weapon at medium distances or long range. This lack of accuracy however is made up for by the fact that it can shoot three shots in quick succession and that its rockets are faster flying and less affected by gravity than those of the RPG, increasing the chances of at least one shot hitting your target. However, it is still weak at long range compared to the rifles because the damage is low, it is moderately inaccurate, and the rockets are very visible.

Compared to the RPG, the Triple Barrel RPG has relatively low damage, but a high flight speed and low effects of gravity. It is also much more effective against blocks.

The Triple Barrel RPG is good for 'rocket jumping'. This is a little difficult to do, as if the timing is not right you won't go very high, but if you jump and then quickly shoot at your feet, you can be launched very high and take very little damage. Players can use the Triple Barrel RPG to perform multiple rocket jumps off the side of the map, gaining great height, then use the Parachute to remain in the air for over a minute.

You can use the Triple Barrel RPG to negate fall damage - if you rocket jump just before you hit the ground, you can effectively survive a fall which would kill you otherwise.

Player Damage

The Triple Barrel RPG does a very low amount of damage.

Block Destruction

On default settings, the Triple Barrel RPG can destroy several map placed blocks in two hits, and several player placed blocks in three hits.

Triple-Barrel RPG
Good for rocket jumps
High block damage
Low ammo
Inaccurate at range


LMB Fire
RMB Sights
4 Select weapon


In Version 165 (Modding Update & More!), the Triple Barrel RPG's blast radius was increased and it's block damage doubled. However, it's player damage was also decreased.



  • High knockback and low damage when you shoot yourself make this very effective for rocket jumps. As well as this, the large amount of smoke it leaves when you rocket jump means that it can confuse opponents.
  • Faster flying and less affected by gravity than the RPG, so it is much better at hitting targets at a distance.
  • Can be used to survive extremely big falls.


  • Player damage is rather poor.