UGC Builder

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UGC Builder
Health Unlimited
Melee Super Spade
Primary Weapons Drill Cannon
Secondary Weapons Block Cannon
Equipment Hover Jetpack + Paintbrush
Block Wallet Unlimited
Speed Very fast
Jump Height 5 blocks (?)

The UGC Builder is the class you play as in the Map Editor. The UGC Builder is almost identical to the Miner, sharing many of the same equipment items and even the same skin.


Primary Drillgun.png Drill Cannon Fires a drill which causes massive block damage, and explodes after a short distance. Useful for creating rough tunnels or damaged structures.
Secondary: BlockCannon.png Block Cannon Shoots out blocks very quickly. Allows for fast building.
Melee: Superspade.png Super Spade Can destroy a single block or dig out a 3x3x3 area.
Equipment: GlideJetpack.png Hover Jetpack Allows the player to fly upwards and move more quickly, and also has the ability to hover.
Paintbrush.png Paintbrush Paints blocks so they are a different color.


  • The UGC Builder is the only class that cannot die.
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