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This article is about the Zombie Game Mode. For information on the class, see Zombie (class).


Zombie mode, stylised as Zombie! and sometimes called Infection, is a game mode in which players infected with the zombie virus try and kill every player before the timer runs out. It is one of the most popular game modes in Ace of Spades.

Gameplay and Objective

Any players who join during the beginning of the round can choose between the available classes and weapons (ie. Miner, Engineer, Commando, etc.). Players have 50 seconds before the game picks players to be infected by the zombie virus, becoming the initial zombies. In a Ranked Match, two players will become Zombies at the beginning of the match, but this can be changed in a Custom Match. The players picked to become a Zombie are completely random.

The aim of the Zombies is to infect all the survivors (players who are not Zombies) by killing them. Players who are killed by a Zombie, or die by other means such as from fall damage, will become a Zombie themselves. Zombies are quick and have high health, although the only weapons they have access to are the Zombie Hands in the weapon slot.

The aim of the Survivors is to survive for as long as possible. Players will receive bonus points if they manage to survive for the entire round.

The round ends when all players are infected by the Zombie virus, or when the time runs out. The average round is 10 minutes long but can also be changed with custom lobbies.

In a Ranked Match, there are three rounds per match, although this can be changed in a Custom Match. The map is not reset between rounds.



Survivor Base

An example of a survivor base.
Since Zombies have only a melee attack, Survivors will be safe so long as the Zombies cannot reach them. Players can take advantage of this fact by building a tall structure, or taking advantage of an existing one, and staying on top of it. Zombies will find it difficult to reach the top of the structure, and Survivors can attack them as they try to do so.

Players should ensure that their survivor base has a wide base, otherwise Zombies will be able to destroy it quickly causing Survivors other than Engineers to fall to their death.

Alternatively, Survivors may choose to build a base on water in the corner of a map far from the Zombie spawn point. This means the Zombies will take a fairly long time to reach the base after spawning, and survivors will have a clear line of sight when attacking the incoming Zombies. Long range attacks from Commandos and Marksmen will be especially effective.

The Engineer class is extremely effective at building bases, due to his ability to fly and large block wallet.


The Shotguns available to the Miner class are deadly at close range, which is useful since Zombies must get close to Survivors in order to attack. Miners can often kill Zombies in a single hit, making them an effective class to use.


The Commando can use his Parachute to stay in the air for long periods of time, where Zombies cannot reach him. Players can build a tower of blocks, then jump off and glide away when Zombies approach, flying to another structure and building up again, repeating the process. The Triple Barrel RPG can be used to rocket jump, quickly launching the player into the air and allowing them to gain extra height.


Destroying Bases

Destroying the foundations of a survivor base will cause it to collapse, causing survivors to fall and take fall damage. Engineers and players who survive the fall will be on the ground, where they are vulnerable to attack.

Strafing and Ducking

When moving towards a Survivor to attack, Zombies will likely take a large amount of damage from the Survivors weapons. By moving from side to side and ducking Zombies will be able to dodge some of these attacks, making it more likely for them to reach the Survivor and cause damage.

Taking Cover

If the Survivors have built a base on water, then Zombies can place prefabs to take cover behind whilst moving towards it to protect themselves from incoming fire.


A set of steps constructed using the Zombie Hand Construct.
A set of steps constructed using the Zombie Bone Construct.

Survivors will often take refuge on top of a base or building. The Zombie Bone and Zombie Hand Constructs can be used to construct steps to reach these high locations and the survivors they house.


Game Mode Score Types

Action Score
Survive +50 every 10 seconds
Last Man Standing +150 every 5 seconds
Kill Survivor +100
LMS Zombie Kill +50

Generic Score Types

Action Score
Headshot +150
Melee +150
Kill +100
Assist +50
Death Revenge +50
Payback +50
Reloading Kill +50
Defend +50
Suicide -100

Custom Matches

The following game mode specific options can be changed in a Custom Match:

Number of Rounds

Default: 3

The number of rounds per match. Can be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Number of Initially Infected Zombie

Default: 2

The number of players initially infected with the Zombie Virus at the start of the round. Can be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Zombie Speed

Default: 100%

The speed Zombies can be move. At can 50%, 100% or 200%.

Zombie Damage

Default: 100%

How much damage Zombies deal against players and blocks. Can be 50%, 100% or 200%.

Available Maps

Ranked Match

Zombie mode can be played on the following maps in a Ranked Match:

Custom Match

Zombie mode can be played on the following maps in a Custom Match:

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
Apocalypse LaterUnachieved.jpg ApocalypseLater.jpg Apocalypse Later
Survive to the end of a round in zombie
Only available in Zombie mode.
ThreeofaKindUnachieved.jpg ThreeOfAKind.jpg Three of a Kind
Take out 3 survivors in 1 round
Only available in Zombie mode
StoneColdKillerUnachieved.jpg StoneColdKiller.jpg Stone Cold Killer
Start the round as a zombie, then wipe out the highest number of enemy players
Only available in Zombie mode.
DeadDropUnachieved.jpg DeadDrop.jpg Dead Drop
Playing as a zombie, make an enemy player fall to their death
Only available in Zombie mode.
FaceOffUnachieved.jpg FaceOff.jpg Face Off
Kill 5 zombies by shooting them in the face with the pistol
Only available in Zombie mode.
BitLateforanAutopsyUnachieved.jpg BitLateforanAutopsy.jpg Bit Late for an Autopsy
Knife 10 zombies
Only available in the Zombie game mode.

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