Zombie (class)

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Health 200
Melee Zombie Hands
Primary Weapons None
Secondary Weapons None
Equipment None
Block Wallet 2500 / 2500
Speed Very fast
Jump Height 3 blocks
Class Type Combat (Offensive)
Class Skills Very Close Range Combat



This article is about the class. For information on the Game Mode, see Zombie.

The Zombie is a class in Ace of Spades. It is only available in the Zombie game mode. It is the fastest and one of the strongest classes in the game. It takes doubled damage from headshots of any weapon.


Zombie hands.png

Zombie Hands

Very high player and block damage with a reach of 5 blocks.


The Zombie only has access to three Constructs.

Construct Notes
Prefab zombiebone.png

Zombie Bone

Can be used to build bridges or steps.
Prefab zombiehand.png

Zombie Hand

Has a set of 'steps' on the back that allow players to climb up on to the top of it, and reach higher locations. Multiple Zombie Hands can be used together to create a larger set of steps which players can use to reach high locations, such as the top of buildings.
Prefab zombiehead.png

Zombie Head



Approximate damage values for the Zombie class. Please note that these values are approximations as the chart does not account for range falloff, limb/body damage differences, or shotgun per pallet damage.


Steam Trading Card Description


The Zombie needs little introduction. Fast, agile and deadly, it is the ultimate nemesis of any deuce. The Zombie will stop at nothing to turn every Commando, Miner and Rifleman into another of the walking dead.


  • The Ace of Spades game files contain an image of a green team Zombie, although this does not appear in-game.
  • The Zombie's bloodied uniform bears a resemblance to the one the Deuce uses.
  • The Zombie is the only class which doesn't have the Block Tool.
  • The Trading Card for the Zombie shows it with greener skin than in-game, as seen to the left.
  • All weapon headshots deal double damage to Zombies.
The green zombie
An early version of the Zombie.


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
Apocalypse LaterUnachieved.jpg ApocalypseLater.jpg Apocalypse Later
Survive to the end of a round in zombie
Only available in Zombie mode.
ThreeofaKindUnachieved.jpg ThreeOfAKind.jpg Three of a Kind
Take out 3 survivors in 1 round
Only available in Zombie mode
StoneColdKillerUnachieved.jpg StoneColdKiller.jpg Stone Cold Killer
Start the round as a zombie, then wipe out the highest number of enemy players
Only available in Zombie mode.
DeadDropUnachieved.jpg DeadDrop.jpg Dead Drop
Playing as a zombie, make an enemy player fall to their death
Only available in Zombie mode.
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