Zombie Hands

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Zombie Hands
Zombie hands.png
Available to Zombie
Player damage Very high


Block damage Very high
Rate of fire 150 RPM

2.5 RPS

One hit every 0.4 seconds

Effective range Close
Other notes Longer reach than most melee weapons

Not to be confused with Zombie Hand.

Zombie Hands are the only weapon available to the Zombie in the Zombie game mode to destroy blocks and kill survivors. They are a melee weapon, but appear to have a surprisingly long reach of around 5 blocks. Their damage is strong enough to take out a Marksman in one hit or any other class in two hits.

They are among the strongest digging tools in the game, having about the same block damage as the Super Spade and a speed matching that of the Pickaxe. They dig a wider tunnel however, making it relatively easy for zombies to launch tunneling sneak attacks or destroy large structures quickly by digging out their foundations.